Re: Cornell Results: G/I ratio good but ACTH increased?


Laura -

The seasonal rise, as you know, statistically peaks in October.  Each horse has its own way of doing this, so you need to rely on chatting with your vet, the history of how P has needed pergolide over the past few years through the rise, and his symptoms, if any.

BTW - a local PPID horse peaks in August.

P is just pushing the envelop in leaving the 'normal' zone.  If he were mine, I'd probably consider raising 2mg over the next couple of weeks before testing again...main reason is that it is early in the rise for 'most', and if you increase by 1mg, test and wait for results, it's likely the ACTH will have gone up more in that time it takes to get the results back.  You're playing pergolide catch-up.

It's as much a game of science, history, and a bit of gambling. 

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