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Edie Widoff

Hi.  I am from Colorado.  I have a 19 yo Arabian Pinto mare.  My farrier noticed that she was developing a cresty neck and suggested she might have Cushings.  My vet ran the blood work through Cornell and her numbers are:   ACTH Baseline: 33.8 pg/mL, Insulin 71.73  ulU/mL, and T4 Baseline 1.36 ug/dL. 

Thankfully the cresty neck is her only symptom.  My vet isn't overly concerned, but I want to make sure I am helping her as best as I can to prevent any serious symptoms.  She is on grass hay at a boarding facility in Aurora, CO.  I have cut out all her grain, probiotic treats, Sand Clear, and have started giving her about 3-4 cups of soaked non molasses beet pulp about every other day, and have been trying to exercise her more.  The facility where I board is a big place, so they go through hay pretty quickly.  I guess I will just get it tested every 3/4 months.  Does anyone have advice for soaking hay at a boarding facility where I can't go out there twice a day for forever?  Any other suggestions?  How will I know if/when I am doing the right thing and/or enough?  Thanks!

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