Help with hay analysis


In trying to find some hay without a bunch of clover in it, I found a farmer with 35 bales of brome hay.  I ran a sample from 2 available bales over to a lab about 50 min. from me just to see if it was worth buying and sending a better sample to Equi Analytical.  This lab ran NIR,  but I did get them to do the ESC and starch wet chem.  (There was a diff of 1.2% in the esc)
My computer's down, so I'm using my husband's, and he's in the hospital so can't help me post the actual analysis, but here are some of  the numbers if someone could please see if this hay is worth buying. In the 2 bales I was able to access, the hay did not have seed heads. 
The s/s is very close to 10%, but I'm having a heck of a time finding any straight grass hay this year.
CP  -    8.10%                                             ESC  -  6.2%                                    RFV  - 87
ADF -  38.23%                                            starch  -  2.54%                             RFQ - 98
NDF -  63.09%
Nitrate -N   ppm 1                                     iron  209 ppm                                     
Laura K. Chappie & Beau
N.IL. 2011

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