Re: Gift of pergoiled

Nancy C

Hi Sharon

Recommendations form here sre to use compound pergolide in caps 30 days at a time, stored in teh door of a fridge.  I would not count on the 2012 pergolide to be effective.

At 4 mg you are already above what BI calls the effective dose. (3 mg)  Hope you will shrae withus your test results.  See next post on reporting Prascend Experiences. 

Hope you can pretty please add your date of joining the group (an 2005) and your general location to your signature.

Thanks in advance for your contribution and help!

Nancy C in NH
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Hello all I know it's a holiday but if I could get a quick answer I really would appreciate it. I have a offer of a gift of some compounded pergoiled from 2012.

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