Re: 2nd Post: Monty's lab results

Nancy C

Agree with Lorna.

Would also suggest if you stay at 1 mg, you retest in three weeks, not four to six.  Will be very interested to see how it goes. 

Make sure you titrate on.  Seems we are getting a lot of folks who are going right to 1 mg Prascend when starting and experiencing the veil.  Many vets don't understand this and how to deal with it.  You probably do Suzanne, just want to speak to others who my be reading.

This is from Pergolide 101 doc at

How to Use ACTH Blood Tests to Determine Dosage

PPID horses taken off pergolide exhibit a return of symptoms after 2-4 four weeks, so it is recommended to wait 2-4 weeks once a target dosage has been reached to either re-evaluate physical symptoms or run an ACTH test.

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