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 <<Are you going to keep her on the 45mg? 
I don't know.  Last year I had to almost double her dose from Sept. to Nov.  to stay ahead of the rise.   I still wonder if her ACTH is ever going to stabilize.   If her perg. dose continues to rise at warp speed, I'm afraid the financial burden will soon be too great.   I hate this.  I'm really stressing out over what the future might hold.    

<<Are you going to keep splitting the dose?
I'm trying to transition her to once a day.  Will probably start the single 45 mg. dose tomorrow. The past 3 days she's been getting 3mg am and 42 pm.    I'll give her a few days on the single dose and see how it goes.    
>>Please keep me informed by email so the Pergolide Dosage Database can be as up to date as possible!
Will do.

>>I wonder if in a few weeks her appetite goes back to (and stays) normal?  This has been a huge increase in pergolide 20 to 45mg, achieved in 3 weeks.  Stormy still didn't show any side effects other than slight appetite suppression? 
Stormy has never had any veil symptoms, or other side effects that I can remember.  She reacts just the opposite. She goes off her feed when her ACTH is even slightly around 30.     I can usually tell when I've got her dose right because she starts eating again.    Even this time when I was increasing by 3 or 4 mgs a day sometimes, she ate better the day after the increase.
>>How are her symptoms now?  Are her eyes weeping?  How are her feet?
She seemed really good on Wed.   Dove into her pellets and barely came up for air.  She was walking pretty darned good, too!  Still had a slight bit of eye goo.    Yesterday and today she ate slower, didn't completely clean her bucket, and didn't have quite as much 'spring' to her step.   This makes me a bit uneasy.  I want to give her a few days to see if the once a day dosing helps.   But...knowing her...I don't want to wait too long or I'll be playing catch up again.    Sigh.......

>>Thank you so much for sharing this information, keeping up your case history and documenting all this so other members can follow your progress. 
I have been writing down all the dose changes and her reactions on a day planner.  I'll try to get it all in her case history soon....hopefully this weekend.  

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