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I have a question about diet for my IR/Cushings horse. If I have a good timothy hay and am supplementing what it lacks, do I really need a hoof supplement? I have for years given my horse a hoof supplement - concentrating on the Biotin and Methionine. But is this REALLY necessary? Or is it one of these things that has been proven to not do anything.
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Hi Sharon

Thanks for sharing this info.

Use of compounding is not illegal. Thankfully a lot of vets have figured this out and are prescribing higher levels of compound when needed.
Assume he is talking abut Winstrol b/c it can suppress cortisol. Your vet has to administer it.
Here is one member's success working with her vet on the compound issue.

At 171 pg/ml she's at teh top of the Liphook scale for ACTH concentrations in PPID horses. The first sign of uncontrolled PPID is often laminitis. It would be helpful to have a Case History on this mare. If this were my gelding I'd be very concerned. Hoping Dr Kellon will weigh in.

Go here
ACTH Testing & Information
Look for
PituitaryParsIntermediaDysfunction – Liphook on Diagnosing PPID Includes a graph showing Seasonal rise of ACTH and that ACTH testing can be used to diagnose during fall seasonal rise.

There's an updated graph but I'm out of time....hopefully you will get the idea.

You can put up a case history at ECHistory8. You need to join like the other Yahoo groups.

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Blood work is back and as promised I am posting it. Sugar is a American Saddlebread
ACTH is 171 pg/ml
ref range is 9-35
Cornell University
Receiving 4mg or Prascend daily

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