Re: Pergalide and Chaste Tree

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Lauren,

If your horse is showing some outward symptoms of PPID, like coat doesn't shed, that aren't resolving even tho the ACTH is well controlled by the pergolide dose then adding CTB may help those symptoms. Starting dose would be 1oz by weight. If you don't see improvement in 2 weeks, can raise the dose. You will need to keep using it daily throughout the summer to maintain the effects then stop it in the fall to allow the coat to grow in for the winter. There is a database for anyone who is trying this to add their info into:

I started two of my boys on the CTB to in addition to their pergolide to see if I could get them to shed. It worked really well on one of them - he shed nicely and didn't need to be shaved this summer to keep him comfortable. The other it worked somewhat - he shed more than he would have without the CTB but not fully.

I was using the powdered herb from:

You could also try the liquid extract from Emerald Valley, Evitex. The extract is a standardized concentration but is also quite a bit pricier than the powdered herb. It's a trade-off.

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