Re: Pergolide Prescription

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Wallene,

Great that you can get the compounded perg - it makes titrating onto the dose so much easier. Many of us use Pet Health Pharmacy:

Because he is footsore now and this is the first time ever I would agree that giving the pergolide a try is a smart move. A 1mg dose in capsule form, given once daily, would seem reasonable. Titrating up would be the best bet using .25mg increments and raising the dose every 4 days. See if your vet will give you a script for .25mg and for the 1mg doses. Get (12) .25mg caps and then 30 days of the 1mg, store in the door of the fridge.

APF is an adaptogen manufactured by Auburn Labs that can help with the 'pergolide veil" symptoms. Some horses get the veil, others do not. It is a temporary effect and tapering onto the drug will usually avoid it. None of my boys have ever had veil effects.

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Jan 05, RI

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