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Nancy C

Hi Melanie


Based on his labs in August he is very IR and not PPID.  If he is still laminitic this may take a while to get over.  If this is a metabolic event, the bute is not helping him.  You say it is not helping and that is so very common. When you wean him off it, go back on the Jherb.

He appears to be iron overloaded, is that right? Review your diet, make sure he is tightly balanced CA: Mag and the trace minerals.

I'm sure Lavinia is on top of the trim. If he had distal descent or rotation in July it will take a while for him to return to normal. He may also have solar abscess.

Did not have time to go look up your other CH.  Please make sure you provide links in your posts for your dedicated volunteers. It is a very busy time of year and helps us make the best use of our time.

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Does he has Cushing's?   With the seasonal rise, it may have pushed him over.

MT 9/04

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