Re: 2 crippled ponies.Please help.

Hannah T

Thanks Mandy. I honestly haven't changed anything. The temperatures here have been the same for about 3 weeks now, quite warm. I have noticed him drinking A LOT less since he has been on Prascend. Sometimes he doesn't even touch his water over night, but there is always some pee. The pee is slightly reduced since he has been on Prascend. But last night he drunk half his water , very unusual for him, and there was no pee at all. The day before there was very very little pee, but he had not drunk any water over night as usual. I will see what 'pee evidence' there is this eve. If it's still low to nil I will phone up the vet for a chat I think. I know there will be changes with him as he gets his Cushings under control, but no pee can't be a good thing!

Hannah, Uk
Ziggy and Jaffa

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