Re: Shawnee is getting worse

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Melanie,

Sorry that Shawnee's still having difficulties. Would you please take some current pics to see how the trim is coming along since the last round of changes we discussed. It is going to be important not to remove any height from the front part of his hooves until he has developed some sole depth as the soles were very thin and there was sinking apparent on the xrays. If that sole depth has been compromised at all that could explain his continuing lameness.

Here is the link to his case history file and photo album:

When you have a moment, would you please update his case history file to include the most recent blood work results so they are all in one place. This way, we can find the information we need to answer your questions fully. Thanks for your help with this.

Lavinia, Dante, George Too and Peanut

Jan 05, RI

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