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Here's my concern: Last year he had been on Terry Porter's hay  which was 8.9% s/s which put Monty into a tender-footed situation on and off all season.  At that time he wasn't on Prascend, which he just started since being diagnosed PPID about 3 wks ago.  

However, about 6 weeks ago, I took him off  the 8.9% s/s hay  because of soreness and bought some interim hay from Delta Hay Co-- North End Middle that is 1.9% s/s.  Monty's soreness disappeared and his attitude perked up considerably and he's been doing well on it.  He's since run out of that, so this past few days he's been on last year's leftover hay and today he's sore! Not sore in boots, but ouchy w/o, and he hasn't been sore in the past 6 weeks.

Hi Suzanne -

I would have that hay sample rerun that has a s/s of 1.9.  I'm not certain that ESC that low is even compatible with grass/plant life.  It's possible that the s/s is 'low' since the WSC is relatively low, at least for what I see in my western states area, but that ESC is suspiciously low to the point that I personally don't believe it.

It's probable that the s/s level of the Delta hay is a level he can't tolerate.  10% is a guideline, with many horses needing less than that to be comfortable.  It may also be that the PPID isn't totally controlled, so an uptick in s/s is more dramatic than with the PPID is controlled, or during spring/summer.

I have planned to buy my next year's batch this coming week, but just want to double check if the West Field is still the right stuff to buy, considering it's only 2.7% lower in s/s than last years. 

2.7% may seem to be just a little 'lower' but that's in terms of the entire plant.  In terms of s/s it's almost 30% lower.  That difference, even in theoretically 'safe' hay, may prove to be a make/break point in some horses, especially those that are in the process of getting everything sorted out.

So if he's that sensitive to s/s, is it safer to stick with North End Middle even though the iron is really high?  Or would the West Field be the better bet after all?

Middle Field has a high level of starch which is converted 100% to glucose...and it doesn't soak out since it's not a water soluble carb.  North End Middle (I am getting confused!) has a dubious analysis although it may be the better choice even without knowing the actual ESC since Monty apparently feels better on it.  


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