Re: Repost MIkado Update and looking for advice

Lorna Cane

Hi Jana,

>I made an update in Mikados Case history, the latest bloodwork is in there.

I'm sorry to be thick,but I can't find new numbers/update on your case history form.The last I can see there is for 2013.I must be doing something wrong.

> I think most of the values were qite okay?

Sorry,can't find these.

 >The vet told me that Mikados blood showed an anemia.

This *can* be caused by PPID. I'm happy you didn't ad the suggested iron.Good.

 > and I cope the challenge to trim and shoe his hooves in a way that he could walk on comfortable hooves. 

Can you link us to hoof photos,if you have current ones?

Add you location and year of joining to your signature,ok?

I know this is frustrating,for sure.

Maybe others can find the details you have updated,and can help more than I can.

Lorna in Ontario,Canada
ECIR Moderator 2002
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