Jane Hewitt

This year has been challenging with trying to keep my horse Lad's ACTH levels in the normal range; they have increased from:
35.3 - May 2014
247- July 2014 (July and August we slowly increased his pergolide from 2.5 to 5mgs) we waited 30 days on the 5mg and retested. His levels came back at 332 last Thursday.
He's had no physical aspects associated with laminitis and is acting normal. My question to the group is, do I try increasing the pergolide during the seasonal rise or wait and retest the ACTH the beginning of December?
Lad is a 33 year old SB/TB cross whose been on a small dosage of pergolide since 2005.

Jane Hewitt in North Reading, MA
Sept 2000 and Jane/Revised Case History for Lad/Lad New Case History 082014.doc/

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