Re: Ollie Has His Wings 1980-2014

Shari Starr

For Lorna & all whose equine loves who have gone ahead. "

I Live On - I died but did not leave you. I am here, and have not gone. Though my spirit left my body  don't be sad, for I live on. My love is all around you. Can you feel it? Can you see? That gentle breeze upon your face is not the wind...but me. I'm the song of a bluebird when spring is in the air. I'm the roses in a garden. You can find me everywhere. Whenever you are missing me
look up to heaven's skies. I'm the twinkle in the stars. I'm the sunset, and sunrise.  I'm a raindrop and a rainbow. I'm the ocean's waves of blue; So everywhere you go you'll know, I live on, loving you.
- Ron Tranmer © Lorna, my heart breaks for you come join us at the Hoofbeats In Heaven support group if you would like us to walk beside you during this time. I lost my love, Snickers June 25, 2013.

Shari, Fly Free, Snickers mom forever

ECIR June, 2013

Western, WA


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