Re: Repost MIkado Update and looking for advice


Hi Lorna,
its my fault, I have some problems with Yahoo neo (sure I'm not the only one...), I created new files that includes the latest bloodwork: one is called feldermann02072014, subtitle thyroid numbers Mikado. Sorry, that is the german original, the important values are T3, T4 and free thyroxyn- which is freies thyroxin in German.
The other one is called Mikado Blut 08.14, and includes the ACTH, insulin and glucose numbers. I could open it, and Sandra, who helped me with Mikados diet, could also see the files. Hope that will work now?
So sorry, but I am not that computer genius, my apologies for making unnessecary trouble, but I really found  no other way to bring Mikados numbers in my files. (...and it took two nights to find how how to bring the numbers in the files and post a link that works...)
Jana  Germany 09.11



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