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Hi Nancy:
Thanks for your input; I know you have Beau on a higher dosage of pergolide and wondered if you ever tried the Prascend? I'm concerned with the price and the fact that he'd have to five pills as opposed to just one with the pergolide. I'm due to get another script for my pergolide through ThrivingPets and I don't know if I should try another pharmacy or have my vet increase the dosage to 6MG and then retest or increase dosage to an even higher amount within that two week period? I'm very confused on how to go about finding what I need to do in keeping him from a laminitis attack. The ACTH is steadily increasing and is now at 332 up from 247 in July. I can't afford to try the Prascend and then the retesting of ACTH, the pergolide with a recheck is more cost effective for me. I look forward to your response.

Jane Hewitt in North Reading, MA
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Hi Jane

I hope Dr Kellon might weigh in but will give you input based on my experience.

The best route is the 5 mg per day of Prascend for two weeks then retest as she outlined in her message to you:

Since he's totally asymptomatic though, what you might try is putting him on 2 weeks of Prascend at 5 mg then retesting.  If there is a dramatic difference, your pergolide is the problem.

That would be about $125.00 investment if you cand get  them to give you 2.3 boxes (versus three).  Then retest.

If not in the budget, and I get that, then switching pharmacies would be my next move. Then retest.

You may still need to titrate up as Dr Kellon outlined in her message.  Might want to reread it if you have not already.

FWIW, Beau gets a lot of pills right now.  I have had great luck using a Cashel feed bag and a cup of Nuzu Stabul one.  He loves the Nuzu and never fails to eat the pills with this method. I'm able to put the bag on, attend to my other gelding Skip, water, throw hay,  then remove the feed bag.  Everybody is happy.

Cashel Company: FEED RITE™ BAG


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I just checked out the prices for Prascend on ThrivingPets and I'm unable to afford the listed price,

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