Re: Ollie Has His Wings 1980-2014

Lorna Cane

On 9/23/2014 6:51 AM, Lorna Cane wrote:
Thanks to everyone who has sent messages of tribute and support. You have made this bloody-awful journey easier.

It was difficult for me to post news of Ollie's passing to the group .
But I knew that a lot of people here had followed him years ago. And I also hoped to help people know that although a PPID/IR diagnosis is initially alarming and frightening, it is not usually what gets our beloved horses, in the end.

Thanks to Dr. Kellon ,who put it best. I'm taking the liberty of repeating part of her recent message here:

"To have been with a horse for 27 years, to the age of 34, puts you in a very elite class.  To have battled PPID and IR for over a third of that life, and ultimately lost him to something unrelated, is an inspiration to all in this group who worry that PPID is a death sentence."

So take heart , Fellow Warriors. It's a battle worth fighting.

Lorna in Ontario,Canada 
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