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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Melanie,

Sorry this took so long. I've added a few mark-ups to Shawnee's photo album:

How is he doing? As I mentioned before, really need to make sure that nothing is removed from the front half of the soles as these areas are presently very thin, much thinner than they should be. Need to concentrate on backing the toes without removing height from the bottom of the foot. This seems to be a concept that many hoof care professionals just can't wrap their heads around. In their efforts to keep a hoof capsule looking like the image they have in their heads of what it "should" look like, they lose sight of what needs to be done to keep it functioning as it should. Function needs to trump looks here. Would also suggest being a bit less aggressive in trimming the frog by limiting trimming to any flaps of dead, exfoliating material.

RF lateral: The area that is marked in red is what Linda and I are referring to when we say do not rasp the dorsal wall. Rasping in this area is a cosmetic effort that results in the wall being thinned where it is already compromised. Thicker/heavier growth rings and laminar wedge material are visible examples of areas of disruptions in the connections between the hoof wall and the coffin bone. Erasing them with a rasp just removes layers of hoof wall that are adding structural stability to the compromised structures that aren't as strong as healthy hoof wall.

LF Sole: The pink is where the heel buttresses are now. Yellow is where they should be located, even with the widest part of the frog. Notice that the medial one is further forward than the lateral so needs to be brought back further. The blue circle is an area of overgrown bar and sole that is starting to flake off. That excess actually flows all the way back to the heel-bar triangle on that side. The green line is where to back the toe to. The area outlined in RED is where nothing should be removed. The sole in this area is bruised and angry looking and the imprint from the leading edge of the coffin bone is just barely visible as a crescent shape. Padding the sole, maybe cutting out a half-moon hole to relieve all pressure in this area, should provide added relief until the sole has time to thicken.

RF Medial: Yellow is where to back the toe.

Always want to keep in mind that although there appears to be a lot of excess height in the walls, there really isn't due to the distal descent (sinking). The best way to deal with that is to back the toes to get the breakover aligned with where the coffin bone wants to break over and leave the sole depth untouched to provide as much protection and support as possible.

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