Thin IR/Cushings horse


Maybe I missed it but I have been searching for info on how to put weight back on my horse.
He is very thin and at age 25, I do not want him going into winter not carrying a proper weight.
He used to be a very easy keeper with fat pads even when being ridden regularly.
He is a very picky eater now. Sometimes he will eat his meals with no fuss, other times he will dump it on the ground and refuse to eat it.So I have to vary his diet quite a bit.
Currently he is fed 3 times a day gets currently gets the following:
1 lb McCauleys Alum 3/day
1/2 lb of timothy/alfalfa pellets 3/day
1/2 cup of rice bran oil 3/day
Heiro hoof supplementĀ  1/day
1 Tbs White Willow Bark 2/day
1/3 cup flax seed 3/day
Hylauronic acid powder

Right now he refuses to eat Beet Pulp, anything that is too mushy, Cocasoya, Wellsolve LS,
and sometimes anything in the above list of current feed. He chokes on Safechoice whether dry or wet.
His teeth are in very good condition, He has 24/7 access to low starch/sugar hay. He gets about 3 - 4 hours grazing time with a muzzle on. He is not stalled but has access to good shelter in the barn.
He currently recovering from his annual last week of July lamintis attack. He was on beet pulp, hay pellets, cocasoya and Remission at that time. No pasture the previous week.

I have been off list for a long time and I am sure I have missed a lot. Clancy had been doing well until this last year. I have not. I have my own health issues.
He is still bright eyed and interested in life but unridable due to compromised hooves and arthritis.
Mary Goldy

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