Re: Diarrhea from starting new hay;

Nancy C

Hi Carol and Bob

Don't have a lot of the answers but wanted to share my experience with Propionic acid preservative.  My grower stated using it when we had a year of heavy rain and he had to take back a lot of hay that was coming in "dusty" and downright moldy.

Propionic acid is used to ferment fiber in the large intestine  (more info in the message archives.) In our set up, moisture in the hay is measured as it is being baled and the conditioner is sprayed on only when a certain level is reached.  IME, it varied in different parts of any given field.  Grower does not want to use it indiscriminately as it would just be a waste.

Fed hay two years ago with this conditioner without incident.

Dr Kellon has indicated it does introduce more acidity into the gut which could make iron more readily absorbed but only  concern perhaps for iron overloaded horses. Not sure about diarrhea.  Could not find a reference here.

It would be perfect if you could ask the grower, Carol but that info may not be available.  Not sure how it would be reflected in a hay test, Bob.  Maybe drop Equi-analytical a line.

Nancy C in NH
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Hi Carol,
In case you haven't sorted this out, I would be very concerned about feeding this hay.  It burned your skin and gave your horses diarrhea.

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