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I am now working on diet and management with someone whose 20 year old horse had "laminitis" almost a year ago  (X-rays almost normal) and now again late July/early August.  This horse had blood work done a year ago and owner was told that "insulin and glucose and ACTH were normal".  I used those results and the G:I ratio says horse was IR at that time.   Owner contacted me mid-September. The horse was being kept in a stall and fed soaked hay, plus a generic mineral mix.  Horse is still overweight with crusty neck/fat deposits. He no longer has digital pulses or heat in his hoofs and current farrier has no difficulty with horse to stand for trimming.  Horse is now being fed tested hay with balanced minerals, Flax, Vit E, etc and APF and for past 2 weeks is doing really well. When farrier last there just before my visit, horse did not seem positive to hoof testers.   And when I checked, horse very minor response at toe, and toes too long for having just been trimmed.  Owner told me farrier was coming every 2 weeks and planned to take toe back slowly.  Based on history and hoof testers and how well horse moved that day, I recommended he be put in small dry lot in his soft rides so he could move around for at least a few hours each day.  A week ago, farrier was back, and again horse comfortable and moving well in dry lot. So I told owner she could take short walks in soft rides as long as horse was willing and wanted to move and no pulses.  Owner told me horse was "practically" dragging her during walks. Hauled and hour to the attending vet and X-rays were done yesterday which show rotation in both fronts; R a bit worse than L.  Owner says "5mm" on R according to DVM reading rads and comparing them to those from a year ago. Horse Positive to hoof testers at toe, but no where else on foot.  DVM advising to put back in stall and not to trim him, just bring him back in 6 weeks to re-evaluate with more x-rays. Owner quite upset and thinks horse is toast because of rotation.  I'm saying that many horses on this list have overcome rotation with the proper diet, trim etc.  

My question for those of you who deal with this all the time….

I have forwarded the ECIR.org link for the realigning Trim and ddt-exercise links to owner. To my way of thinking, as long as this horse is comfortable he should be moving on his own at least, but that he won't get better unless his hoof capsule is trimmed into re-alignment with the coffin bone.  Is it too soon after this laminitic bout to start trimming this horse to shorten the toe and move the heel back?  This horse hoof looks a lot like the 2nd photo in the realigning trim paper.  X-rays of right front very close to that shown on last page.

I will be seeing this horse again today, the owner found more hay and wants that tested.

Thank you for any help for this owner.  I would like to help this horse, attending DVM is very reputable but not sure this is best for horse?

Gloria, member since 2009



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