Re: Thin IR/Cushings horse

Nancy C

Hi Mary

Weight issues could be from a lot of things. In ability to chew well, deworming, ulcers, uncontrolled IR, uncontrolled PPID, insufficient calories/protein in the hay, other undiagnosed issues.  This annual laminitis attack suggests you have uncontrolled IR and/or PPID. 

Lots you could do to you diet too. Would drop the rice bran oil as a start. 

When was his last blood work? Would you please join ECHistory 8 and fill out a Case History?

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Here's a recent article from Dr Kellon


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 He has 24/7 access to low starch/sugar hay. He gets about 3 - 4 hours grazing time with a muzzle on. He is not stalled but has access to good shelter in the barn.
He currently recovering from his annual last week of July lamintis attack. He was on beet pulp, hay pellets, cocasoya and Remission at that time. No pasture the previous week.

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