Change dose?


My pony Lad has an ACTH of 20.6 pmol/L in July when on 12 mg of pergolide. He is now at 15.5 pmol/L and has been on 24 mg of pergolide since August. Note the testing was done at University of Guelph labs which use a range of 2-10 pmol/L.

He is doing very well: former summertime skin problems eliminated this year, appetite good, attitude, feet.  There have been no side effects whatsoever from pergolide.

I don't want to get into trouble though. The vet technician noted in an email "no dose changes" but I sent an email to my vet to ask for details. 

Is the decline in "the rise" coming soon enough to keep at 24 mgs? What has been the experience of those with animals on doses this high?

Bonnie Ivey, Ontario 12/08



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