More Pergolide Dose Advise




I’m back looking for some additional information on where I’m at and where I should be headed with my pergolide dosing.  Case history is not attached but here are the basics:


17 yr old Mustang - Frankie

Diagnosed with PPID 7/14/14 at 174 ACTH from Cornell.

Immediately started pergolide at 1mg and retested 8/19/14.  Result was ACTH 73.8 at the 1mg dose.

Started upping dose to 3mg.  Tested again 9/23/14 after 24 days at 3mg with a result of 36.8 pg/ml.  All testing from Cornell.


I’m looking to see where to go from here.  Thank you



San Marcos/San Diego, CA


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