Sedrick's Journey has Ended


Just writing to tell you that my beautiful Sederick passed away on tuesday 23rd. He was so well right to his las day. 4 weks ago the vet saw him for a hoof injury and on his general health check he couldnt believe this was the same horse. The vet gave him a sparkling bill of health and at 34years old the vet said with a health check like that he is likely to outlive us all. (Apart from his cushings)

On the 23rd he was found with very cold extremities grazes on his head and weak with a heart rate up at 80bpm the vet came out Sedrick was given pain relief and despite the warm day I put a soft under rug on him and remained with him all day. He frequently lay down quite weak and wouldnt stand up. as the day went on his balance was challenged and eventually could only walk backward or sideways I had called the vet to euthanase him at 4pm but sedrick lay down and took his last breaths only moments after my phone call. He was a legend. taught probably 30 or more children and adults to ride. 

The heart breaking thing was watching his best mate Mystery blowing air into Sedricks nostrils and when no air came from Seds nostrils Mystery began blowing with desparation and was hyperventilating. Mystery stood over Sedricks body all night. Sed was draped with a 2nd blanket which Mystery removed and due to Seds halter being pulled off over his ears clearly Mystery had tried to get his mate up. 

Mystery and I watched Sedricks Burial at 7am the next morning to help Mystery with his grief and understanding when I led Mystery to the grave of Sedrick He began to dig at the mound of dirt. My heart completely broke for Mystery wishing I could communicate with him to help him cope, he called out intermittently over the next 24 hrs. Since then he has settled and luckily I am not working and on holidays from TAFE College so I have been able to give mystery all the company he needs.

I am planning to advertise the availability for agistment so Mystery can make another friend. But for now he is settled and either talking to the cows over the fence or me and the dogs over my back yard fence.

RIP my Beautiful old boy Sedrick. It was your time and I was there til the last breath.

Julie Hancock 

South Australia Sept 14 2013

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