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Jana, I don't recall- did you send a fecal to Probios to rule out a fungal infection in the intestines?
I'm sure I wrote that before but our gelding showed similar and then later even scarier symptoms when a fungal infection had spread in his intestines. 
A dysbiosis can cause a myriad of symptoms. We would have lost our gelding had I not had his feces tested.

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Laramie July 2011

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Yesterday we have had a very bad episode of getting tired after weak, he didn't eat, increased breath rate, (I was kind of shocke, didn't check the heart rate), and he was rolling his nose (its "flehmen" in Germany, can't find the English word) that is typical for him when he had colic or is stressed. He seemed to be disoriented for a while. About one hour later he was as as normal as ever. he ate most his meal, he ate haylage, he walked around in his paddock, and was friendly and happy whenever I visited him that night.
That was shown up after 15 min walk and 5 min trott when I lunged him.

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