Re: Cornell panel back, should I treat?

Kerry Isherwood


Thanks so much for your input. All of the responses from the group are incredibly helpful! I havent ever obtained rads bc, tbh, my mare has never been truly unsound (in an orthopedic sense). Stiff & "not right"--yes, when her insulin spikes, but has always hoof tested perfectly fine. She won horse trials this year while both barefoot (April) and shod (July), and was wonderfully consistent until August. When she is barefoot I trim her (as I have for many years) but she is shod professionally by an excellent farrier who is very interested in her metabolic issues and entertains my desire to experiment with plastic shoes (Eponas & Ground Controls are what my mare likes best). When we pull shoes each fall she easily converts to barefoot w/o any tenderness. All that being said, this is an exceptionally stoic mare who absolutely loves to jump, so her enthusiasm for her job of running cross country & for pleasing for rider might mask subclinical changes, as we do occ find a tint of old blood in her white line...

At present, she's due for a trim, and Ill ask my farrier to do it (thus removing my naivete from the equation) and get a full set of rads as per your suggestion. (Please note that my mare has big beautiful feet and she's the only horse I would ever dare to lay a rasp to bc of her true lack of pathology. With her its always been just smoothing out any chips and re-establishing a bit of a "mustang roll". If ever anything looked funky, i'd have my farrier evaluate)

Thank you again for your post. It is so comforting to have found such a helpful support group!!


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