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Thank you Lorna,
His problems seems to appear during or after work, but usually durning winter. In the last two years it starts in late november and ended in february. It has never started that early like this year. In the years before I have had a higher pergolide dose at this time. But the last two blood works came back to good, and the vets advice was to stay at the current dose.
I don't think that the method of training has any influence toi his problems, the first times that it appears was when I ride him in an indoor arena in the riding club near by. After the 20 minute trailer ride Mikado was sweating and tired and have had diarrhoe. I thought the prblems was the trailer ride... I troied to work him at home in the outdoor arena, but the problems appears again, it appears on long trail rides, on short trail rides, when lunging, even when handwalking, or ponying by bike. But, and thats the point I think it never appears that strong during spring and summer. His PPID seems to be controlled, the ACTH has never been so very high, the first value was 88, and since his last laminitis attack it has never been higher than 25.
I found out that also thyroid dsyfunctions are stronger during winter. I found out that a side effect of pergolide is to disturb the thyroid. What I am wondering about all the time is whether I should give more or less pergilde, or maybe all this problems were caused by something else?
Jana Germany 09/11
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