Re: Cornell panel back, should I treat?

Kerry Isherwood

Thanks so much Lisa, I cannot begin to express my gratitude for you and so many others on this list taking an interest in my mare's case.  I had somewhat of a revelation last night after re-reading everyone's posts in that I have probably been in denial to some degree that my mare *has* been suffering sub-clinical laminitis when her insulin spikes but I just couldn't bring myself to accept it.  She's such a stoic, tough beast of a mare that its very easy for me to say, "Oh, its really hot today, that's why she's lazy" or "She's been working hard this week, that's why she's lethargic" because I am **so incredibly** afraid of the L word.  I plan to do rads this week and spoke to my farrier about trimming her a bit first for aesthetic purposes (she's long & growing out her nail holes, so we purposefully let her get a little extra wall to stand on before doing the first trim after pulling shoes) and he said that in his experience he would prefer NOT to trim her with her numbers so high for fear of setting off worse problems.  So...I will take pics of body & hooves (as embarassingly long as they are) and post ASAP. 

Thanks again!  Getting over to the "Hoof Group" is next on my list (there's just so much to learn here!)

~Kerry, NY
Spet 2014

PS, do you have Pookie Bear's rads posted?  I'd love to see them

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