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Kerry Isherwood

As requested, body shots and hoof pics are posted in Album "Pinky" in ECHistory8.  I'll post more pics after she's body clipped so her true physique can be assessed; right now feral fur is masking her abnormal fat patches.  As for her feet....uggh, embarrassing.  Shoes were pulled Sept 9; photos taken Oct 5 (almost 4 weeks)  We pulled shoes early this year (normally she stays shod until Nov) but b/c she was having so many metabolic issues she pulled them early (she is happiest barefoot; i only shod her for competition purposes).  The plan was to let her grow out a little wall before trimming so that's why her feet are so ragged (cringe).  Normally I trim her but whenever her numbers are up I defer to my farrier; but even he didn't want to touch her until her insulin comes down for fear of setting off a cascade of badness.  She's completely sound like this so as bad as it looks, she's as happy as a clam; but then again, Pinky is always happy :)

Kerry in NY
Sept 2014

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