Laminitis Help please!

Stephanie Stout

Hi Everyone,

I'm a new member, so hoping that you guys can help. My beloved 22yr KWPN gelding is currently battling acute Laminitis in all 4 feet, IR, and the hard part is that he has impaired kidneys - short story is that he was given 1gram of Bute(for head swelling which I now know is from his IR) and the 1gram of Bute triggered Renal Failure(kidneys). He was on IV fluids for 4-days, and his kidney levels went back to WNL however they are incredibly sensitive and fragile now. Now, I figured out that he developed IR, with super, super high Insulin levels(blood was tested), which triggered the Laminitis(rotation in all 4 feet). 

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can give him to help?? He can't have any NSAIDS(the most I can do is 1/4 Previcox which I have been supplementing him on to try and help) or anything hard on his kidneys. He can't walk at this point, but he's hanging in there.  He's already on MSM.


Stephanie & King

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