Re: Laminitis Help please!

Mandy Woods

Hi Stephanie,
We need more information about King before we can answer your questions.   If you will join ECH8 ~ a group where we store the medical histories on the horses.   It takes a minute to join but the questionnaire needs to be answered carefully.   This may take some time.  
You’ll see as you read the list philosophy is DDT/E.  This means DIAGNOSIS,  DIET,  TRIM  and EXERCISE.  
  What was Kings insulin number?  unit and lab normal ranges?    Was he ever tested for Cushings?    We recommend  testing on a NON FASTING horse to confirm IR>  Feed him soaked/drained grass hay the night before and the day of the test.  To confirm Cushings, we recommend the ACTH test.  Schedule these tests early in the week,  in a quiet barn and have your vet handle the blood  correctly.  These samples should be sent to Cornell.  It is the most reliable lab.   Please read the blood testing files so you know how the blood must be handled. 
DIET is low sugar/starch under 10% a  day.  Fat should be no more than 4% a day.  The Temporary   Emergency DIET  in the New Member Primer should be started tomorrow.   It is a safe diet for any horse until you get your own hay analyzed.  Your goal is to test your hay at and then have  minerals added to the deficits in the assay.   The minerals in the Temporary Emergency DIET are the basis for this diet.   Yo   can get them at Walmart.   They are Vitamin E,  loose iodized table salt,  magnesium and freshly ground flax.  IF  King is IR,  removing as much sugar from his diet is critical.  You can start by soaking his hay- for one hour in cold water or hot water for 30 minutes.   This reduces the sugar in the hay up to 30%.   Remove him from pasture.  No commercial feeds or supplements.   No apples, treats or red salt blocks.   The best carrier for the minerals is rinsed/soaked/rinsed beet pulp.  This has a similar profile to oats without the sugar/starch.  BP is safe if you r/s/r it first.  Start with a dry pound, r/s/r it and divide that into 2-4 meals.   This is also a great way to get water in a horse in the winter!   You can season it with lots of things ~ check out the Picky Eater File.
TRIM is very important.  Please take pictures of his feet and post them in ECH8 under PHOTOS.  Post your xrays there too.  Take  at least a sole shot and a lateral shot.    Can he lift his feet for a trim?   Do not put shoes on him.  HE may be more comfortable in boots and pads.  Bed him deeply in sawdust so he can ball up the sawdust to fit his needs. He will show you how he wants to stand.  Listen to your horse.
EXERCISE ~~ never force a laminitc horse to move.  Let him move at liberty.  When  you see him wanting to move about and not on NSAIDS which mask pain you need to monitor ~ you can start with hand walking for 5 minutes.  Their mental health is as important as their physical health.  A change of scenery can be good!     This is our calculator.     Get the Trainer # 603
Ask questions.  Start a journal on King.  
Mandy in VA
EC Primary Response
OCT 2003

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