Re: Laminitis Help please!

Stephanie Stout

Hi Mandy,

Thanks for your reply. I'm trying to get into the ECH8 and I can't access the group? It isn't letting me and I have tried several times!

King was tested with the blood sent to Cornell. His Insulin level is 171, with the normal range being 10-40. He wasn't fasted before hand. The vet is coming again today to check his kidney levels so I can see about getting him more pain relief as he's just miserable. Unfortunately, the vets here locally don't have much experience with these type of cases so I'm having to do the thinking and research for them. 

I switched his hay over to a lower sugar/carb hay. I was soaking the hay he was on, but it was 16% WSC so I realized that even with soaking it there was still too much sugar for him. So, I switched him to an Orchard Grass with 9% WSC. I've always had him on soaked beet pulp, which he loves, so glad he can continue with that. 

He can't lift his feet for a trim, as it hurts him too much. He is immobile, I'm bringing him water and hay. He is his stall, with deep shavings.

I'm heading out, I will check back later. Thank you for the support and help!

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