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Stephanie Stout

Hi Everyone - 

First - @Maggie, I got the invite - thanks. But, it still won't let me access it. When I click it, it just brings me back to this group. 

I know that Previcox is an NSAID(like Bute) but was giving him that instead as he had it before with no problems. I took him off the Previcox Monday, had the vet out to place an IV catheter so now I'm giving him Saline fluids to buffer his kidneys so I can give him IV Bute. He's a very sensitive boy. He's in too much pain to not too, and so far(it's been 24 hours on the Bute) his kidneys seem to be doing okay, knock on wood quick. I'm going to retest his CRE and BUN tomorrow to make sure. The Bute seems to be finally kicking in this evening, and while he is still in significant pain, he is acting a little better. 

I got the results of the hay that he's now eating - WSC: 9.18 ESC: 8.18 Starch: 2.78 I know that you really want the combination below 10 - so it's close but not there....Thoughts?

He's always been in shoes & pads ever since I've had him(years and years), but I had all the shoes pulled when he started to rotate so he's fully barefoot. I have been using a pair of boots, with some foam pads in the bottom of them but I'm not sure if they help him or not. He relies on his shoes and pads so it is really different for him(and his old tendon injuries). His feet are funky re the angle/shape - the previous owner had a horrible farrier that really, really messed up his feet and my farrier worked to re-correct them(which happened) but they will always still be a little 'funky'. I don't have any photos of them....I can easily take some but he's in super deep shavings right now so I don't think you will be able to see what you need to see? (And he isn't moving anytime in the near future)

I got his ACTH results back from Cornell. His level is 1,160. He was already started on 1 tab/1x daily of Prascend just in case. Has anyone had the ACTH level that high before? I'm thinking that maybe because his Cushings level is so high, maybe that is causing his IR problems? Has anyone ever had swelling of the head(above the eyes, jaw, throat-latch area, down into his chin) show as a symptom of Cushings or Cushings caused IR? 

Thank you for all of your thoughts. He is still hanging in there, so I'm hopeful. 
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