Re: Banana OK with Pergolide Capsule?

Kerry Isherwood

Hi Laura, i cant answer abt the banana question but wanted to ask about pergolide & showing: do you take him off of it before shows in case you are tested, or was he disgnosed after show season? (Without a history link i havent seen your CH & im a new member so im unfamiliar with your horse's timeline). One of the vets i use says she takes her clients' horses off for rated shows but she doesnt like doing it bc it wreaks havoc on their systems (she has several A-circuit hunters whose owners "have" to show). Specifically I ask bc I show rated eventing and hope to continue; but at present Im waiting for Dr Kellon to review my mare's bloodwork/CH to LMK if she's a candidate for a pergolide trial (hint hint, DrK ;). My mare has severe hyperinsulinemia that is no longer responding to diet & exercise, so if we make it to 2015 w/o foundering Im hoping to do some jumper shows (and possibly horse trials again, but feeding for energy while keeping her insulin regulated was very difficult this year). Anyway, a couple people I ran into this year w/early Cush horses said they continue to show on pergolide and just hope they dont get drug tested, but Im not sure I want to go that route (!)

Kerry in NY
Sept 2014

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