Re: Pergolide and cyproheptadine


Thanks, Kerry - you are correct!  I just never think of it in that context. (I have my own preferred kitty cocktails). There is such a difference in drug action between species, one has to be careful extrapolating.  For example, naproxen, fairly useful in human medicine and with horses, has such a long half-life in dogs that one dose can cause a perforated gastric ulcer.   Vultures will apparently die after eating carcasses with diclofenac in them, while they can eat animals treated with meloxicam safely.  Phenylbutazone has famously killed people who thought that if it is good for pain in the horse and dog, a pinch must be good for a person.

Cyproheptadine can have some positive effects in PPID horses (although the studies have never shown consistent results); I couldn't find any mention of appetite stimulation in horses, although it has been used in humans for that reason with mixed results.

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