Alternatives to Bute

Stephanie Stout

Hi Everyone - I'm working on finding something that will work as a safer alternative to Bute for my boy who's IR, PPID, and is going through an acute Laminitis(with rotation). I looked at the file here for Alternatives to Bute, but wondering if anyone has used any of the products, and if they actually worked. I have heard about Phyto-Quench, but does it actually help the pain? What about Devil's Claw Plus from Uckele? Or Stop The Pain from Big Dee's/Cox Vet? 

He's extremely miserable without Bute, so he's been on it as he won't eat/drink/lie down without it. I'm really hoping to get him off of it ASAP and find something else that is safer, but allows him to be comfortable. Thanks for all your help!

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