Re: Alternatives to Bute

Stephanie Stout

Hi Eleanor,

Thanks for replying. He was started on Pergolide as soon as I thought he was possibly Cushings, and his ATCH came back with sky-high titers(1,160). I also switched his hay in the very beginning to a lower sugar hay to help the control the IR(which also came back really high, but hoping that is just because of the PPID being so high). He has been on Bute for longer than I would like, but it's the only way he has been able to manage the pain/continue to eat, etc. I just started to very slowly taper him off the Bute. 

Does the Phyto-Quench help the pain? He can barely hobble in his stall on Bute, right now. Do you have any experiences with Devil's Claw helping? He will have to go off the Bute soon, as he's on IV fluids now to buffer his kidneys from the Bute(he just went through kidney failure about a month and a half ago so he's been on fluids so I can give him the Bute but once I remove the catheter then he can't have anymore NSAIDS). 

Thanks again. 

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