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Hi All:
I've searched for my original message but can't seem to locate it?

Back around 9/19/14 I had notified the group that my horse Lad's ACTH had gone from 247 on 7/24/14 up to 332 on 9/19/14. During this time I have slowly been increasing his pergolide dosage and tried another compounding pharmacy per Dr. Kelllon and Nancy.

Lad is now on 6mg of pergolide through Pet Health Pharmacy and I was going to be increasing the dosage up to 6.5 next week because I assumed with the seasonal rise that his ACTH would still be quite elevated.

I'm happy to report that from 9/19/14 to 10/22/14 his ACTH levels have gone from 332 back down to 156! I know this is still high but it's a dramatic drop from last month even with the seasonal rise.

He has had no laminitis/founder episodes while Ive followed the advice of this group, he was diagnosed with Cushing's back in 2005 and I have followed the strict recommendations of this group since then. I want to also share that Lad is a 33 years old SB/TB gelding and has been able to keep his weight on and still kick up his heels even though he is on a steady diet of OD soaked Timothy balanced hay cubes and supplements per Dr. Kellon.

Question: I'm assuming I should still increase to 6.5mg for a week and see how he does on 7mg for the month of November? By December 1st I'm hoping his levels will be back down within the normal range. After the seasonal rise is over where should I start with a dosage, I'm assuming after the seasonal rise he won't need the 7mg and I'd rather not keep him on that high of a dosage if he doesn't need it.

I owe everything to this group!
Thank you so much,

Jane Hewitt in North Reading, MA
Sept 2005 and Jane/Revised Case History for Lad/Lad New Case History 082014.doc/

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