ACTH Level & Pergolide Dosage & Tasty additives

Stephanie Stout

HI everyone,

I have been searching the files about Pergolide dosages, and found the files on it but am curious.... My guy was just diagnosed with Cushings and high IR levels(but hoping that it is caused from the uncontrolled Cushings). His ACTH titer is 1,160. Has anyone ever had a level that high? If so, how much Pergolide is your horse on?

I know each horse is different, but my vet(that has very, very little experience with Cushings/IR) only thinks my guy needs 1mg per day of Pergolide and I really don't think that is even close to enough to get this Cushings/Laminitis/IR in control(he has rotation). He's a Dutch Warmblood, was very healthy before all of this, and weighed about 1400-1500 before. He's lost some weight since, so only probably weighs between 1200-1300, I'm trying to get him back to his normal weight/body score but he doesn't like his low sugar hay(or his beet pulp that is now no senior added) so he isn't eating much. Which then brings me to my next topic -  anything to add to his beet pulp that will make it a little tastier that he can have?? He is beyond picky!

Thank you SO much for your thoughts!

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