Re: ACTH Level & Pergolide Dosage & Tasty additives


Hi Stephanie,

 Which then brings me to my next topic -  anything to add to his beet pulp that will make it a little tastier that he can have?? He is beyond picky!

My pony, Stormy is very, very picky.  I tried everything on the picky eater list with no luck.  And don't even think about giving her anything beet pulp or wet hay cubes.  But, she does like Stabul 1, if you can get it in your area.  Randy from NuZu feeds will send samples for you to try.   (Also,she really likes Diamond V XP Yeast.  I add about 1/4 C. to her Stabul 1.)  The thing with Stormy is that she even refuses the Stabul 1 if her ACTH is only slightly elevated.  Once her ACTH is solidly in the mid range of normal, she starts eating again.  So that MIGHT be something else to consider.  It's possible that when you get his ACTH down, he could start eating better.  There are so many variables to this disease and it seems no two horses/ponies are the same.   I definitely defer to the advice from the experts on the list.    This is just my experience with my little diva.  :-)

Welcome to the list!   You are in the right place to get help for your boy!   

Teri and Stormy 

Indy 2012

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