Re: ACTH Level & Pergolide Dosage & Tasty additives

Stephanie Stout

Thanks for commenting and sharing your horse's level. That makes me feel better that I'm not only one with the a horse over 1,000. How often did you increase your Pergolide in the first month? How did you go about deciding how much to increase? Did your horse ever had/have the puffiness above the eyes? If so, how long did it take for that to come down? Did it come down when you increased the Pergolide?

I have King's case history on my computer filled out. I have to try to see if I can upload it, and he also got new updated xrays today so I will see if I can upload those also.

@Teri, Thanks for sharing that Stormy is picky too! I just downloaded the picky eater file and am going to try some peppermint herbal tea I have. I also think my guy isn't eating when his level is high - I'm upping his Pergolide dosage slowly(my vet doesn't think he needs it, but I don't see how 1mg is going to lower his levels therefore stopping the laminitis).

Thanks so much!

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