Re: Veterinary Help With Cushings


Marion -

Your post is old news.  We've seen it before, and I doubt few will disagree that Prascend in 1mg form will most likely have better potency than 1mg of compounded, even when not in powder or liquid form.

But, there is a huge amount of suspicion about BI based on several events on the list.  Because of that, there will be many who bristle at anything you or anyone else associated with BI may say.

You're not preaching to a new group of parishioners but those who have been there, done that, and many of us can probably talk our own vets under the table about PPID.  If that weren't the case, BI wouldn't have had to mount such a huge campaign WRT their product.  It would have been fully embraced as 'at last!  It's here!'

A veterinarian posted similarly awhile back about how she has nothing to do with BI but supported the data that was published for the efficacy of Prascend.  A quick check of BI's website, and gosh, there she was.  One of the vets involved with the BI data acquisition. 

A senior veterinarian within BI was actually contacting list members privately, encouraging the use of Prascend.

BI is so far missing a great opportunity to really grab some great PR, and support.  What is BI's position on assisting horse owners where they simply can't afford the amount of Prascend that's needed, especially when they have more than one that needs it?  (I would think 2mg is a deal breaker for many - it would be an issue in my fairly financially comfortable household).

The big push is tantamount to simply offering the bullet.

Linda and Pap Ballou, and dearest Doba, and Nice Guy - all PPID
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