Re: Veterinary Help With Cushings

Elva J Mico

Hi Judy,
I have been a member of this list since 2004 and it has helped me immensely. It is sometimes difficult to find a vet who is knowledgeable about Cushings but they are around. And if you can find one that will listen to your concerns and listen to the information you get from this list that will be wonderful. Even if your regular vet doesn't know much about Cushings - if he is willing to listen to you and the experience from this Cushings list, that would be terrific. And that would make him a great vet.

I'm sure you will have a choice between Prascend from a drug company and getting a compounded pergolide. I do want to tell you that the compounded pergolide is cheaper and for my two horses, Beau and Whiskey, works very well. The Prascend is very expensive and I personally do not believe it is necessary, however that is a personal opinion. (Altho there are probably thousands on here who also use the compounded form) I've had their Cushings under control for the past couple of years using compounded pergolide. And I use the capsules which I get from Thriving Pets.

The one thing I am against is the dex suppression test, and the moderators here will tell you it is not the best for your horse - it really is not reliable. If you can find a vet who will do the ACTH test and send it to Cornell for testing you will get accurate results.

To the list - Judy and I have known each other for many years via horse lists - Judy - there is so much experience on this list I am sure you will benefit. You know my email if I can answer any questions for you.

Hugs to all your horses,
Elva and Angel Satin

On 10/28/2014 9:13 AM, marktime@... [EquineCushings] wrote:
I need to find a vet who is knowledgeable about the treatment of
Equine Cushings. I live in Southwest Missouri and have just received
results of a Dex Suppression test that confirm Cushings in my
15-year-old Foxtrotter gelding. The two vets I have consulted do not
seem to know much about this condition.

Can anyone recommend a vet?


Judy Meadows Barry County, MO

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