Help horse foundering again


Hi everyone I have a 14 year old QH who foundered last year from what we suspected of being over fed grain. I had someone taking care of them for a weekend and she way over fed her. She came back from it fine no rotation. Now it is almost a year to the day and she has been on a strict no grain or grass diet with safe tested hay. Today I noticed the stance and she was unwilling to walk. Called the vet out and sure enough it is founder again. She has had no change to her diet this time it is bad the worse she has ever been. We are padding her feet and giving her bute I am trying to get my farrier out since she is due for a trim. She wants to wait to xray until after she is trimmed. I am just so upset I don't understand I was doing everything right. I am worried if this keeps happening I am go to lose her. Has anyone ever delt with this before and maybe can give me some advice. I should mention she has very little sole depth. I did have her pull blood for a lymes test since ticks are all over here and it is a big problem. He legs are swelled up as well.

Brittany and Dream WI

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