Re: Veterinary Help With Cushings


I do not have a place to dry lot Rudy.  He has never shown any foot tenderness or laminiticsymptoms.  I have tried to watch his weight, putting him in the corral overnight when grass is rank and when he is getting free choice hay in the winter.  For the past several years he has grown a four inch long winter coat that does not shed readily.  He has had a voracious appetite and gained weight.  All my saddles quit fitting till I got a Skito pad to fill in his topline.  Lately, he has lacked his usual energy.

I never dreamed that the premier equine vet in the area would give the dex suppression test!  But I left him there for it, knowing that he was not founderprone.  He got 4.4 on both blood draws.

The vet is sending me his test results plus a 60 day supply of powdered pergolide for $116.00!  I am to give a mg a day.


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