Re: High WNV Activity-Give Shot?

Here is another WNV page, maintained by USGS.

Their FAQ states: "the maps on our web site are based on the official data
from the CDC. We receive official updates from the CDC at 3 A.M. every
Tuesday morning (during peak-season we also receive updates every Friday
morning). We then update our 260+ web pages typically well before noon on
the same day we receive the updates. Media reports are sometimes based on
"probable" diagnoses that may later be found to be incorrect. The data we
use to make the maps have been approved for publication by the state health
departments, assembled by the CDC, and then released to us for map
publication. "

The USGS page shows no equine (veterinary) west nile cases in Orange County,
and only a total of 14 WNV cases throughout the entire state year to date.

To me, that seems like the odds of your horse getting WNV are extremely
remote. In addition, there have been no new equine cases since mid

Yay! That said, I still vaccinate mine yearly in any case.

Dianne and Ranger in Palo Alto

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