Re: Drs Little & Gockowski

Kerry Isherwood

Drs. Little & Gockowski--

Thanks for the levity afforded by your ivory tower espousals--it sure breaks the tedium of dealing with actual problems like laminitis, euthanasia, and heartbreak.  A good chuckle is always good for the soul...wait--what is that saying--"Laughter is the best medicine"?--but only if you're licensed to prescribe it in your state, right?

As a veterinary professional with a recently diagnosed PPID horse, I obtain Prascend *at cost* from our distributor and can afford the initial 1mg/day dose, but if my mare's dose increases I am going to buy compounded--Prascend's cost even at wholesale prices borders on ridiculous.  I've used many compounded Rxs through the years and have a handful of proven pharmacies that I trust to formulate meds so I am completely comfortable using compounded pergolide.  I bluntly told my BI rep this.  You gotta do what you gotta do, you know?  Well, maybe you don't--the view is rosy from the ivory tower high above the rest of us.

Again, thanks for the chuckle--now back to reality,


Kerry Isherwood, LVT-VTS(ECC)
Licensed Veterinary Technician, Vet. Tech. Specialist (Emergency & Critical Care)
Brewster, NY
Sept 2014

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